Taking the first step towards mastering online marketing.

You have an idea, you’ve been reading lots of books and you can’t get it out of your mind…“Retire Young, Retire Rich” “4-day working week”. Sound like you? Or someone you know?

I am quite surprised by how often I hear this and how often I spot that ‘look’. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just a projection of myself, whether I’m searching for assurances myself, or if it’s the circles I’ve been moving in.

But then again, no suprises here – EtradingGroup was formed on the back of setting up an online business and leveraging these skills to help others do the same.

Do I have any words wisdom for you? Can I help you as you tackle the menagerie of choices in front of you?

Of course, here are my 3 key things;

1. Educate and empower yourself
2. Take the first step
3. Manage your risk

Educate and empower yourself
I’ve been working a lot with people who have either had a lot of corporate experience and are looking to set up their first venture, or with people who have been in business for some time but are now starting to get more serious about their options for online marketing.

So there do tend to be a lot of questions and a process of discovery. This is also the reason why people gravitate towards someone, or a business they trust or has been recommended to them. I also see a little bit of anxiety, in the sense of ‘not knowing what you don’t know’.

For this reason I’ve put education and awareness high on the priority list. Do enough research to make you feel comfortable about your options. But at the same time don’t go overboard as this is not a D.I.Y operation, i.e you are not the person who is expected to know and do everything, but you are the final decision maker in terms of what projects go ahead – Yes, No, How About.

Take the first step
Here’s another one for you. Have you also been in a position where you’ve read and read and read, and asked so many questions until you (or that other person) are blue in the face. Once again, you’re not alone. But – questions and answers are only going to get you so far – I know, what a cliché’. This place of inertia is something I’ve seen over and over again and I know there are a number of things contributing to this. Time, money, knowledge, finding the right solution. But at the end of the day, if you do nothing, ahem… nothing will happen.

To help you get over ‘action’ indecision it’s probably worth considering point number 3 I’m about to make.

Manage your risk
I’ve spent a little bit of time in the Banking Industry (so something had to rub off on me huh). One very large factor in assessing financial decisions is balancing the risk-reward equation. If I do this, then what is the potential maximum ‘gain’ and what is the potential maximum ‘loss’.

To spur you into action, it’s this point where you should be looking at the upside of moving forward, whilst minimizing your exposure if there is a ‘belief’ that things may not go to plan, examples may include, spending too much money, not getting the final design you wanted, not reaching enough clients, not knowing how to maintain your online assets.. plainly…things just not aligning with your master plan.

Clearly, you’re the only one that can determine your risk factor.

But it is for this reason that I’ve recommended assessing these 3 factors. 1 – educate yourself, 2 – take the first step, 3 – manage your risk-reward.

There are a number of opportunities to open yourself to new channels of marketing & ways of raising awareness for your business. Or for some, it’s about creating stand-alone online entities that operate as windows of commerce.

As part of the ETradingGroup blog series I would love the opportunity to keep you informed on ways you can market your business online. This will include the following topics and use examples and case studies of ‘how to’. Plus I’ll haul in the heavies when I need to (subject matter experts).

  • Developing your online business idea
  • Creating your digital marketing plan
  • Branding
  • Website development
  • Content development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email marketing
  • Automating your business

All the best

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