Fundraising Websites

Posted by  September 14th, 2009

We love to give and this is our way of contributing to really great causes. Here’s an example of something we built earlier this year –

It’s a simple concept, and currently being used by many of the larger fundraising organisations. We believe there is greater potential for people running events or fundraising to build simple websites to promote their activities. From the very beginning you can shout out to the world (or perhaps your local area) that you’re fundraising and are looking for people to rally around. And secondly, you’ll be able to say a huge thank you to your sponsors by getting their names out there. My theory is I’m sure you’ll have no problems seeking sponsorship for that next venture.

We’ve developed a prototype, such as this one – – and we would be more than happy to show our support to other non-profit or local area fundraisers.

If you have something you’re working on, feel free to drop us a note and we’ll see if we can help. My only caution is that if we have hundreds and thousands, millions and zillions of requests then we may need to list these out in our little black book (old fashioned style) and prioritise. But if we can’t help then I’m sure we could search for other connections that might want to put up their hand to assist.

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